For sale Bianchi E-Vertic, size L

Group: Shimano Deore 1×10

Motor: Bosch 400W

Year: 2023

Price: € 2200,-

We are selling all our new E-Vertic bikes! After one season having these bikes we decided we will only focus on the more “sport cyclists” and we will stop renting E-bikes. They have only been rented around 10 weeks in total. The bike costs new in the shop € 3500, so you can have the bike for € 1000 less.

Thanks to the tailored support of the Bosch Performance Motor, you can tackle long journeys in the countryside, short stretches on country roads and meadows with confidence and even the daily commute becomes a real pleasure. The battery is nicely concealed in the frame and provides a centrally located center of gravity. The Bosch Purion display is small and clear. Its minimalist design makes it very simple and accessible. With just one click of your thumb you can operate everything without letting go of the steering wheel. The bicycle is equipped with Shimano Deore 10-speed. The derailleur gear ensures a wide range with the necessary quality. The hydraulic brakes provide a safe braking feeling.

We always keep our bicycles in optimal condition to be able to provide the best service to our customers who rent our bicycles. After each rental our professional mechanic performs a complete service on the bike. All our bikes have protections all over the frame, so very little scratches and when we sell the bike we take out the frame protections (or in case you want to leave the protection we leave it). In the photos below you might see the edges of the frame protections on the frame, note that this is not damage but simply the overflow between the protection and frame. The bike still has a warranty, so if you find any errors in the fabric you can contact us and we will fix it with Bianchi, we are Bianchi distributors.

The bike comes without the the bidon cage and saddlebag. But you can buy this too for a small price.

Send us an email for questions or if you want to reserve/ buy the bike:


(all the E Vertic bikes photos are taken from the same bike because they are all the same, as good as new)