Gravel biking

Gravel in Girona

Girona is known as the cycling paradise of Europe. Each direction gives you a completely different landscape to discover.

In the region around Girona there are many route options. And, riding on gravel paths gives you the opportunity to discover much more of the area around Girona.

With Campo Bicicleta we are on the road all year round on the most beautiful roads – paved and unpaved. If you want to plan a gravel trip you have come to the right place.

We provide a route book and our guides show you the most beautiful roads and paths. We enjoy cycling together and you can almost always join a nice group of cyclists.

Would you like to go out on your own? With our GPS routes you can discover for yourself that Girona is also the cycling paradise for gravel riders!

Routes & events

Girona and the surrounding area is unique as it has inexhaustible route options. Gravel roads give you the opportunity to explore much more of the region. You can combine routes and discover places that would remain hidden on the paved road.

We offer every cyclist the option to experience a unique gravel trip in Girona with our routes.

In addition, many gravel events are also organised in and around Girona. With Campo Bicicleta you can participate in these events to complete your gravel trip.

In 2020 we will also organise a special weekend around the 2-day clay-cyclo: “Traka-Girona“.


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